HealthCare Services

TeleHealth365-011Telehealth365 connects patients with clinical healthcare providers anywhere around the world. Our mission is to provide healthcare anytime anywhere so that patients can receive the treatment they need and get well sooner. We provide affordable, innovative and secure video conferencing for the patient-physician encounter. The video uses the latest technology and provides clear high definition images.

We support Telemedicine, Mobile Health (mHealth) and Healthcare solutions in the United States and many countries around the world. Our application enables the following:

• Outreach to rural health.
• Community hospitals and clinics.
• Correctional facilities
• Telepsychiatry
• Telepsychology.
• Mobile Health
• Support for Emergency Rooms
• Healthcare for school systems
• Nursing homes
• Retirement communities
• Military
• Ships and transportation companies

Our commitment to you is to make your telehealth program a success while keeping costs low. Our platform OmniPresence is scalable and can grow with you. No special hardware is required and you don’t need to install and learn any special software. It is secure and HIPAA compliant and easy to use. Sign up for a free trial now.