• UnitedHealthcare-We have become UnitedHealthcare’s exclusive Telemedicine provider in multiple states providing Tele-Psychiatry, Tele-Cardiology, Tele-Internal Medicine to their Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial insurance patients by leveraging our platform and vast network of local specialists. UnitedHealthcare’s
    patients now have immediate access to specialty care in rural and remote areas reducing travel and wait times and providing better quality ofcare and patient outcomes.

  • Mount Sinai- Partnering with Mount Sinai’s Dermatology Department we have been able to serve patients in rural Upstate NY in need of Dermatology services by utilizing our integrated cameras and video platform we treat over 100 patients per week in real time.

  • Bassett Health System Located in rural NY, Bassett’s need for Dermatologist were causing their patients to wait over 8 months for appointments. By utilizing the Telehealth365 platform and our network of Dermatologists we have been able to see over 100 patients per week reducing readmissions and providing better quality of care. Within the first week our specialists were able to diagnosis a patient with skin cancer 9 months before the patients original appointment.

  • By leveraging our platform and network of specialists, we are now providing Family Christian Health Center’s and their 600 diabetic patients
    Tele-Endocrinology services.

  • Tele-Behavioral Health Institute – We have been endorsed by the Tele-Behavioral Health Institute for providing excellent video and audio quality that allows Mental health professionals toconnect to their patients from any place and at anytime.