burfee_video_conference_04_72PDescription of the products

TeleHealth365 OmniPresence, a cloud-based video conferencing solution for Healthcare providers and their patients.

TeleHealth365’s OmniPresence is an HD Video Conferencing solution hosted from the cloud. We provide 24X7X365 services all around the world. Our HD video clients are browser based and you don’t need any proprietary software or hardware to use OmniPresence. It is secure, easy to use and deploy while keeping your investment low.

To ensure seamless communication for HealthCare providers, we provide customized browser clients for Doctors and their patients.

Registration Takes Just 2 Easy Steps:

  1. Purchase OmniPresence package for one or more users.
  2. Login and setup your users (Doctors & Patients).

That’s it!

Setup your users and start using the OmniPresence. A fastest way to add and extend HD video conferencing to your business.