TeleHealth365 Receives First Round of Angel Funding

14 Nov

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – 06/22/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Today, TeleHealth365 Inc. announced an angel round of funding from a private investor. The company is a provider of SaaS (software as a service) HIPAA-compliant secure video conferencing solution for healthcare. The funding is focused on growing sales, marketing and taking the company to the next level worldwide.

Presently, TeleHealth365 SaaS secure video solution is being used in the USA, India, Bangladesh and the Middle East. The business is seeing major growth throughout these markets. “Funding will allow us to keep pace with the opportunities we are seeing, serve more doctors and patients, and grow the company by leaps and bounds,” said TeleHealth365 Vice President of Business Development, Amit Sharma.

Individual healthcare providers and hospitals are using secure video conferencing to schedule virtual office visits with patients in their communities, especially in rural areas where hospitals and clinics may not have an on-staff specialist.

“There is no substitute for talking with patients when and where they need. Patients want person-to-person help with their medications, their questions and their concerns. Two-way video enables doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers to engage with their patients personally in everything from routine checkups and home health services to telestroke assessments and surgical consults,” said TeleHealth365 founder, and CEO, Vijay Sharma.

“TeleHealth365 Inc has built a cloud platform that allows two-way video consultation over the internet, available anywhere in the world and at a compelling cost structure. There is no expensive equipment to purchase as it works on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPad and iPhone. It’s exciting now because healthcare providers can serve their patients anytime, anywhere, including in their homes. Telehealth365’s ability to integrate with EMR’s is a stepping stone to growth of Telemedicine in USA.”

According to PWC (, healthcare systems around the world are dealing with depleting resources at a time when demand for healthcare is rapidly rising. Governments face growing pressure to reduce costs without impacting quality or access to care. At the same time, the World Economic Forum and OECD predict BRICS will see a 117% increase in health spending over the next decade, while U.S. health expenditures are projected to increase by $3.5 trillion between 2010 and 2040.

Technological advances can help to contain or even reduce these costs, while providing quality access to care. Inpatient care is moving to outpatient service. Mobile devices and apps are enabling greater patient engagement in their own care. Patients can monitor their health at home with devices that send reports wirelessly to their physician. Remote monitoring, telemedicine and mobile devices will help reduce the burden on health systems. Improved analytics will also provide healthcare professionals with greater insight. With knowledge of patient flow and care delivery pathways, health professionals can provide the most appropriate individualised care more efficiently.

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