Tribal Healthcare

TeleHealth365 is partnering with Tribal Healthcare centers across United States to improve
patient’s healthcare using its network of medical specialists (i.e. Dermatologists, Cardiologists,
Endocrinologists etc.)

Our goal is to partner with Tribal Healthcare centers to give patient the highest quality care
possible as we continually incorporate the most advance medical technology, leveraging
TeleHealth365 network of medical specialists in chronic care management while reducing the
cost of delivery quality healthcare.

Partnering with TeleHealth365 enables medical centers to offer their patients an easy access to
medical specialists resulting in patients getting quality healthcare in a shorter time. Resulting in
faster recovery time for the patients, from the easy of their medical clinic while improving
healthcare quality and reducing medical center’s operational cost.

This is especially important now since Indian Health Services (IHS) expenditure per capita has
declined since 2014*. You need a partner that understands your needs.