Welcome to your own video conferencing room, hosted by Telehealth365. You can meet here with clients, friends, or business associates from around the world, with as much privacy as you choose.

  • Telehealth365 provides a secure channel, a unique advantage we have over Skype, which is not secure.
  • Invite anybody you like. Your guests don’t need an email account with any specific provider such as Google, an advantage we have over Google Hangouts.
  • No conferencing software to download. We’ve leveraged the latest cloud technology to make it easy for you to use.
  • Did we mention that it’s free for the first video conferencing room and you can have an unlimited number of one-to-one guests? If you want more than one room, or a multi-party conference, you can upgrade at any time to a paid package.


So, how do you make this magic happen?

System Requirements:

  • A laptop, smartphone or tablet with a webcam.
  • Google Chrome Browser for you and your patients.
    • Download and install Google’s Chrome browser for high performance. This is available free at https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/ .
    • This step takes less than five minutes.  How to make a video conferencing call.
    • Instructions for you, the primary user of the virtual video conferencing room:
  1. Make an appointment with your patient, arranging a time when you will both be in the video conferencing room together.
  2. Email your patient the following:
    1. The URL for the Telehealth365 site (http://telehealth365.com)
    2. Their username for login access to your video conferencing room.
    3. Their password for login access.
    4. The usernames and passwords for both of you can be found under the menu tab LOGIN INFO.
  3. At the appointed time, using the Google Chrome browser, go to Telehealth365’s website at http://telehealth365.com.
  4. From the navigation bar, select LOGIN.
  5. Use your assigned username and password to login. This gives you access to a list of contacts, highlighting in green the name of the person in your video conferencing room.
  6. Click on the name of the person for access to the video conference room.
  7. You are now connected and face to face!

Instructions for your patient:

  1. At the appointed time, use the Google Chrome browser to access Telehealth365’s website (http://telehealth365.com).
  2. Select the LOGIN tab from the navigation bar.
  3. Login with your assigned Username and password sent to you by the primary user of the video conferencing room. You will see yourself on the screen. You are now in the virtual video conferencing room. The primary user will join you shortly.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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